Radiant Wild Ministry

Encouraging, Equipping, and Connecting Churches

"But His word was in my heart like a burning fire
shut up in my bones;
I was weary of holding it back,
and I could not." Jeremiah 20:9

Radiant Wild Ministry

Welcome to Radiant Wild Ministry, a ministry to support, encourage, equip, and connect churches across the United States. It is easy for churches, particularly small churches to feel that they are ministering in isolation. Pressures are high for pastors and church leadership teams to meet the needs of everyone around them often at great expense to themselves and their families. Churches and their leaders need dedicated disciples, meaningful opportunities to grow in their faith, support from other ministries, and a chance to find renewal so they may be¬†encouraged to continue reaching people for Christ. The Barnes family goes to churches, loves on the congregation, provides support for ministers, and seeks to equip the entire congregation to find a deeper relationship with God. With a keen understanding of the needs of ministers, a heart for seeing spiritual growth in God’s people, and support from churches nationwide willing to pray and meet needs of other ministries, they travel to bring preaching, teaching, training, and Bible study materials to churches across the country so that they might reflect the light of Christ (Radiant) in creative and unique ways (Wild).


The Call of Radiant Wild

Learn why we do what we do. As mobilization missionaries we want to see all churches living out the call of the Great Commission.

From Wrenches to Diapers

The Chronicles of a Postmodern Father


Oklahoma Baptist University's Student Newspaper, est. 1915


Radiant Life in the Real World


The Radiant WIld

Radiant Wild Ministry

Encouraging, Equipping, and Connecting Churches