Winter in the South

I’m sure our friends from up north will find this picture a little funny. No, that’s not snow. It is ice pellets, the closest thing we’ve seen to snow in several years in Oklahoma. Feb2018 215Notice the green grass in the background. Still, this was a fun day! Kambry and Tait went sledding down the icy street with their friends, and everyone had a blast. We know that winter was quite different for our friends in New England, and the cold weather made us miss them.


We made trips back and forth between Oklahoma and Texas during January and February. It started with a great party on New Year’s Eve with our friends from WestFeb2018 035 Metro church. It was strange to think about how different our lives are than they were at the beginning of 2017. God has already done so much, and we feel like He is just getting started with the changes in our lives as we follow Him into the unknown.


Ransom spent New Year’s Eve with his friends. Kim crashed the party for a few minutes so she could give them all a hug.  He went back to school on January 6, but we talked him into coming to see us Kim's Christmas eve 391several times while we were in Oklahoma. We also got to visit with him in Lawton when we went back to Cameron Baptist Church to speak to thefeb2018-098.jpg Children on Mission group. This was a fun night of teaching them about New England and praying with them for our friends.

Tait got to be part of the six week building of Monika, KimsMarch2018 088the 2018 robot for the Bethany High School First Robotics Team. Even though he homeschools this year, the Broncho Bots welcomed him back and put his skills to work. He even got to compete with them in Little Rock, Arkansas as we were headed back inFeb2018 185 March. His sweet friend, Kacie, invited him to the Sadie Hawkins dance at the school, and he enjoyed spending a fun evening with his gang.


KimsMarch2018 010

Kambry spent the months at home hanging out with friends and really enjoyed spending some extended time with Nana and Feb2018 122Papa and having fun with her cousin. She and Tait also got a nice visit with Grandma and Grandpa while they were in Texas. The kids both worked hard on school work, too. She is an avid reader, and spent many cold days curled up with her dog and a good book.

We also continued visiting churches to talk about missions in New England. We went to Feb2018 083FBC Fitzugh, OK, Hilltop in Shawnee, OK, and FBC Sachse, TX. On Sunday mornings when we were not traveling, we enjoyed attending our sending church in Yukon, OK, and sharing with them about what God is doing through Radiant Wild. We were also given the opportunity to speak in chapel at GreenvilleFeb2018 045 Christian School in Greenville, TX (Kim’s alma mater). Philip spent many long days driving from church to church and talking to pastors about the importance of southern churches getting involved and partnering with churches and ministries in New England. It was hard for us to look at the churches on every street corner at home because our hearts now know the great needs that exist in other parts of the country. We know that we must all work together to reach people for Christ.

Feb2018 108Philip also had the opportunity to preach a revival at Main Street Baptist Church in Stigler, OK. We had a wonderful week (and a lot of great meals) with the people there. The revival focused on being intentional about reaching the lost. We also took some time to share Feb2018 115about our missions in New England and gained new prayer partners and friends that we cherish. We especially enjoyed getting to know Pastor Jeff and his family and encouraging him in the work he is doing in Stigler.


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