On the Road Again

We headed north again on March 5, but we made a long trip of it so that we could meet up with some of our ministry partners along the way and even make a few new ones. Also, March weather hit New England pretty hard. They had three nor’easters back to back, and we arrived just before a fourth one was scheduled to hit. While the worst of the weather was happening there, we trekked slowly through some beautiful states.

Our adventure this time started in Branson, Missouri because Tait wanted to have a college visit at College of the Ozarks. We are trying to open all of the possibilities for his March2018 129future to him, so we’ve done college visits in lots of states. While we were in Branson we scored free tickets to the Haygoods and enjoyed a fun evening out together. We also met the people of FBC Hollister who let us park in their parking lot and talked to them about missions up north.

Our next stop was also for Tait. God has a way of putting us in places where He wants us to be. We met up with the Bethany robotics team so that Tait could compete with them KimsMarch2018 078at the Rock City Regional Robotics Championship. The team did great and made the finals. Tait got to use his skills, learn some cool stuff, and spend more time with kimsmarch2018-075.jpgthe friends he had just had to say goodbye to. Kim also got a little extra time with some of her mom friends, and enjoyed the “competition mom” role again. While we were in Little Rock, we parked at Guyer Springs Baptist Church and got to KimsMarch2018 091meet their mission coordinator. We hope to be able to build more of a partnership with them as they learn more about the needs here in New England. Building partnerships takes time and investment, and we always appreciate the churches that open their doors to us and want to learn about the churches in the northeast.

Our next stop was in Fall Branch, Tennessee, where we visited with our friend, Martha. KimsMarch2018 100This awesome church has let us park in their parking lot on three different occasions now. We have been able to tell them all about our ministry, and they have been so supportive and eager to hear more. We are grateful for their partnership and hope to work closely together in the future.


The skies were bright and sunny when we left Tennessee, but Virginia had different plans. We arrived at Philip’s Uncle Sonny’s house in Pearsburg just before a snow storm March2018 175hit. We were safe and warm and quite enjoyed the beautiful mountain snow and the company of family. We waited a couple of days for the weather to clear and then drove to LynchburgKimsMarch2018 125 to see our friends, the Bibles, and report to them about the connections we had made over the winter months that will help us expand our ministry this spring. We also took Tait on another KimsMarch2018 131college visit with his friend, Lydia, at Liberty University. He was very impressed by Liberty, especially their engineering program and marching band.

We then made a quick trip through West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, and Connecticut to arrive in Massachusetts before another KimsMarch2018 141snow storm hit. We got settled in at the BCNE in Northborough and were warmly welcomed by our friends. Sure enough, the next day brought snow, but nothing like they had earlier in the month. To them it was “just a few inches”. To our young Okies it was SNOW like they had never seen before. It was a fun and exciting welcome back for all of us. KimsMarch2018 170


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