Please Partner With Us

Our hearts have been broken over the last year. There is truly such a great need for the gospel up here in New England. Churches that average 25-40 people faithfully gather in little towns. Old storefronts become homes to neighborhood churches. Downtown several different ethnic churches share a building to try to reclaim the town for Christ. To survive, these churches have to have partners. We need more partners.

I’m not a salesman, but I know the need of the ministry. I know that God’s plan to provide for His ministry is His people. Radiant Wild Ministry is in contact with over 50 New England ministers, their churches, and ministries.  I have preached in their sanctuaries and studied the Word in their small groups. This must continue. But it will only happen if we get more partners. We need three churches willing to commit to $500 -$1,000 per month support for Radiant Wild. Most ministers in this area who are making it have at least one church supporting them at the $1,000 level. These partnerships with churches in the Bible Belt are essential for ministry in the northeast. Additionally, we need 20 Sunday School classes, Bible Studies, mission organizations, and Life Groups that will pledge to work together to partner at $100 per month. This would only be $20 a  month for 5 people in your Sunday School class, but it would make a world of difference to us. Please talk to your small group, class, or organization about being one of these partners. You will receive regular updates, and be a vital part of the ministry going on here. Also, talk to the leadership of your church. In what ways is your church already supporting missions in the United States? Are they able and willing to do more? Every church is needed in someway. We need partners to sustain our ministry, and we have many friends here in New England who are in need of partnerships as well. Please pray about it and ask your church to pray about it. How important is it to spread the gospel in parts of America where there isn’t a church on every corner? How important is it to plant new churches, keep ministers in the pulpits in the churches we have, and network with those who can make our resources go further. Please contact us at 405-996-0171 or 405-996-0174 for more information about partnering. Thank you so much!


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