About the Barnes Family

Philip preached his first sermon at the age of 15 in his home church in Abilene, TX.  During his time at Oklahoma Baptist University, Philip did youth ministry and music ministry and found a life long friendship at First Baptist Church, Fitzhugh with both their people and pastor. IMG_8613He later completed his Master’s degree at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and pastored churches in Krum, Texas, Honey Grove, Texas, and Elk City, Oklahoma before following the Lord’s leading to become a church planter.  He founded All Things Fellowship in Bethany, Oklahoma in 2008 and has pastored there since.

During his years as a church planter, Philip was bi-vocational.  He worked at the Hobby Lobby warehouse and Al Slattery Brick before obtaining his teaching certificate and becoming a middle school math teacher. Through these experiences, he learned valuable lessons that life in the church office and parsonage had not taught him.  The people that he met and ministered to outside of the church walls became his passion.

Throughout his 25 years of ministry, Philip has focused on dynamic ministry, calling people out of their comfort zones and into an active life of following Christ.  As a result, Philip has lead numerous camps, revivals, and mission trips.  He is also an avid writer of short stories, books, and narratives.

Philip has been married to his wife, Kimberly, for 23 years. She has been a vital part of his ministry since day one. She served as a youth minister for many years while their children were young. As the kids got older, she went back to her career as a high school English kimandphil2teacher and enjoyed 15 years in the classroom. In addition to teaching, she is also a writer. She has written children’s books, devotional books, and now writes a blog to encourage and uplift others with tales on everyday life as a wife and mom and a scriptural lesson for each story. She is most excited about being on the road with her family, meeting new people, and sharing the love of the Lord.

The oldest of the Barnes kids is Ransom. He is 18 and in the process of preparing for high school graduation and finding the right college. He plans to pursue a degree in engineering ransomrwimageand has a talent for technology. He loves being a designer for the robotics team at school and going to competitions with the robot. He spends most of his waking hours in the water. He is a lifeguard, swim instructor, and competitive swimmer on his high school team. Ransom was only a year old when he went on his first mission trip with Mom and Dad to Colorado. He has always enjoyed traveling and is looking forward to going to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland right after graduation and then spending the rest of the summer on the road with his family ministering with the Radiant Wild team before returning to Oklahoma to start school in the fall.

Tait is 15, and he is the musician. He is an all-state vocalist in Oklahoma and is on the drum line for his high school marching band. Tait loves performing with the show choir and has been in five musicals. He started singing and drumming on the church praise team when he was 13, and found a passion for leading worship music. Recently, he picked up a guitar and is learning to play it as well to give himself another way to worship. rwimagestaitHe was only 3 months old when he traveled with a ministry team to the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City to do ministry.  He has always had a heart for missions, service, and worship. However, being part of the Radiant Wild ministry team means sacrifice for Tait. At the end of the 2017 school year, he will be leaving his school, his friends, his choir, and his band to homeschool and live full time on the road going from church to church and ministering with his family. He is excited about going to new places and making new friends all along the way. He will continue working on his music and hopes to use it in the churches where the Radiant Wild team is called to minister.

The youngest of the Barnes crew is Kambry. She is 12, and she is eager to hit the road. Kambry is full of energy and smiles, and she loves a good adventure. She sings and dances constantly and has a way of putting a smile on the faces of everyone around her. She has been dancing since she was 3, and is excited about being in her first musical in the spring of 2017. She has also been playing the violin in the school orchestra for 4 years. Kambry was only 4 when her Daddy became a church planter. Even then, kambryviolinshe was a big part of the ministry. She invited people to church and told everyone she knew about how to love Jesus. She, too, will be leaving her school and friends to join the Radiant Wild team on the road full time. She is looking forward to homeschooling and learning “everything about everything” as she travels the country. She is most excited about meeting other kids from other states and keeping in touch with them through her very own travel vlog. She sees herself as a bit on a comedian, and she keeps everyone laughing. If you need a hug, a smile, or a good joke, she is the team member you most want to get to know.