Breakout Sessions


  • Goal Settings

Description – Individual vision casting and goal setting are essential for every Christian. Goal Setting will walk you through the steps necessary to building Godly life goals.  It is a practical workshop where you will be challenged to grow in your faith intentionally.


  • The Heart of Worship

Description – The Heart of Worship walks Christians through the need for prayer and worship.  It will examine the Isaiah 6 model of coming into God’s presence as the members participate in a time of intentional and intense worship.


  • Trust and Obey

Description – Chart your own journey of trust and obedience. Examine the list of the faithful in Hebrews 11 and see how your story fits into the great narrative of believers who have come before you. Be inspired to live a life that glorifies God by your faith.


  • The Mind of a Christian

Description – It’s time to dig into the Word. Learn how to study the Bible like a theologian. Discover how God inspired ancient Jewish writers and used structure, form, and words to create the Scripture.  Learn how not to be scared of words like hermeneutics and exegesis as a whole new world of Biblical scholarship opens up.


 I Just Set Up Chairs

Description – Have you ever wondered who sets up all the chairs, or changes the light bulbs, even the high ones in the sanctuary? The wasps didn’t just go away. They were banished.  Find out how one act of strength can have ripple effects in the Kingdom. How can a doer be an evangelist? Go from “I just set up chairs” to “I don’t just set up chairs”.


  • Sharing My Story

Description – The Great Commission isn’t meant as a command to pastors, missionaries, and evangelists. It is a call to ALL Christians. We are to go and make disciples, but exactly how do we do that? There are people all around you who need to hear it. Learn how to tell your story and share Jesus with others, and don’t stop there. Learn how to mentor them and help them grow in their faith.


  • Nehemiah

Description – Nehemiah was shaken to the core by the stories of his desolated homeland.  Emboldened by his call from God, Nehemiah goes from being a servant of a foreign king to becoming God’s chosen vessel for rebuilding Jerusalem.  Be inspired by his journey and ask yourself what journey has God called you into.


  • My Mission

Description – Why do you encounter the lost?  How do you encounter the lost?  Where do you encounter the lost? This brainstorming session requires honest introspection as we search for our mission field right here and our mission field around the world.  We go beyond “what should I do” to “what will I do”.