Fractional Missions

How many of you would like to have a Minister of Missions in your church?  Sure all of us would.  Having someone who can train and inspire members to evangelize, serve, and engage our world would be a huge blessing.  Unfortunately most of our churches just don’t have the room to bring in another full time minister.  What if you could get a Mission Coordinator, but only have to pay for a tenth of his salary?

A Fractional Missions Coordinator means you can do just that.  Your church becomes one of ten churches taking advantage of a Missions Coordinator.  You get a missionary who is doing missions 100% of the time.  His training, expertise, and materials are always available to you.  He leads major training events in your church, equips volunteer leaders for sustained mission growth, provides webinars and online resources for the entire congregation, and prepares the congregation for regular local missions and seasonal extended missions.

Philip Barnes of Radiant Wild Ministry has begun work as a Fractional Missions Coordinator.  By linking with churches looking to expand their mission efforts Philip and his family can continue their mission efforts in New England and at the same time prepare churches who can potentially get involved in their work in the northeast as well. It is a perfect time to get involved in missions.  The fields are ripe for harvest.  Let’s train workers to go into the field.