Youth Breakouts


  • Youth, 5 Deep

Description – Youth need to walk 5 deep.  That is, they have a support system of friends and adults that is at least 5 friends deep.  In an age of social friendships and disposable relationships it can be difficult for today’s teen to maintain their faith surrounded by the negative pressures and influences.  5 Deep will encourage youth to build a hedge of accountability that will allow them to represent their faith, grow in Christ, and evangelize the lost.



  • Youth, Prayteen

Description – “Rub a dub, dub.  Thanks for the grub!” I prayed. How deep do you pray? Teens today are so close to the spiritual battlefield.  Souls are won and lost daily so we cannot neglect our communication with God.  What does a strong prayer life look like? Youth are encouraged to have a prayer life that is consistent, evangelistic, and personal.


  • Youth, Mobius Youth

Description– It’s time to have some fun with our faith.  Students will use a Mobius strip to talk about the priority of being transparent in your faith, being intentional in your evangelism, and being faithful in your discipleship.  


  • Youth, Sharing My Story

    Description- The Great Commission isn’t meant as a command to pastors, missionaries, and evangelists. It is a call to ALL Christians, including teens. We are to go and make disciples, but exactly how do we do that? There are people all around you who need to hear it. Learn how to tell your story and share Jesus with others, and don’t stop there. Learn how to mentor them and help them grow in their faith.


  • Youth, Heart of Worship

Description – The Heart of Worship walks teens through the need for prayer and worship.  It will examine the Isaiah 6 model of coming into God’s presence as youth participate in a time of intentional and intense worship and learn how to use their gifts and talents for God.




  • Youth On Mission

Description – Teens have big hearts and are full of energy. They need to be given the tools to put that into action for Kingdom purposes. How can teens be on mission so that those around them see the difference Christ has made in their lives? This brainstorming session requires honest introspection as we search for our mission field right here and our mission field around the world.  We go beyond “what should I do” to “what will I do”.


  • Youth, Loving With All

Description – This session focuses on Christ’s command to Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself. It is a wonderful introduction to the ALL Bible study should you choose to use it with your youth. For teens to grow in their faith and become effective witnesses for Christ, they must grow in all of the areas that Jesus lists in His command, but what does it really mean?